Project in action

FIMA designs architectural work for the residential, commercial, industrial, public and private sectors, and offers services such as market analysis, project feasibility, architecture and engineering, town and regional planning, and energy consultancy. The studio also works for restoration, energy efficiency and interior design.
FIMA’s aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and develop projects which can be harmoniously introduced into the environment.

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    FIMA on Archiportale_First IRAN Project_On belt and road

    New Opening! Auchan Shopping mall

    The 12 october new OPENING for AUCHAN Shopping mall in FANO Italy
    A big work made by FIMA TEAM
    Thanx all!

    FIMA new projects in China

    FIMA will project the new ITALIAN GOLDEN TOWN in CHINA, Shandong Province. A new big project from one of the major public chinese company.
    The project includes: shopping mall,…

    FIMA on Home Page of

    FIMA on the homepage of website for the Luxury hotel&spa in Sulayimania, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    FIMA on TOP 100 ITALIAN ARCHITECTURE FIRMS_Geographical distribution

    FIMA is 21 on the italian top 100 architecture firms_Revenue 2013