The architecture at the centre of an integrated set of services

FIMA finds its goal in customer satisfaction and in the realization of projects harmoniously integrated into the environment. For this reason, the work follows specific guidelines: active listening to client needs, in-depth study of the site and detailed analysis of the project.

A continuous research activity on architectural composition, on construction methodologies, on materials and energetic saving complete the profile of a study which has always be oriented to efficient and quick  solution for every problem, ready answers for any request, concrete ideas for any desire.

The architectural work, which vary according to the size and destination of use of a given project, all develop from the same analytical, integrated, in-depth approach which accompanies each and every stage – from site analysis through to management of the building costs. This enables excellent management from all points of view thanks to the attention paid to each and every detail and to all its possible facets. 

FIMA uses the most advanced technologies both in design fields and design management (BIM), and in graphic fields thought -dimensional and photorealistic renderings and visualisations realized with highly specialized programs.