Architecture and design

FIMA is committed to placing its know-how at the service of its clients’ requests and aspirations, and builds up working relationships based on dialogue and comparing ideas.

This is the only way in which architecture can emerge as a perfect solution between the ideal and the necessary, elegance and practicality, shape and functionality.

FIMA projects focus on people, their needs and the environment in which they live.

Harmony and balance are achieved by means of a multiform, comprehensive approach, the fruit of professional work carried out with environmental awareness.

FIMA believes that urban expansion in towns and cities, and the evolution of lifestyles, must deal increasingly more with growing awareness about environmental issues and the need to guarantee the protection of excellent levels of liveability.

For this reason, the company focuses on designing buildings with high energy efficiency and has been constantly researching issues pertaining to energy saving, renewable energies and design techniques which focus on sustainability for years.

The experience and expertise built up within the field of sustainable construction work have enabled FIMA to gain credit with one of the most authoritative organisations in the sphere of energy certification, CasaClima/KlimaHaus in Bolzano. The company has received authorisation from this organisation to carry out consultancy work for assisting with energy saving and sustainability.

Studio Fima

The same focus on clarity and awareness of environmental (issues) has led FIMA to become an auditor for the ITACA Marche protocol, which certifies the energetic sustainability of buildings.

Furthermore the firm is certificated by ISO:9001.

This type of approach guarantees continuous updating of environmental issues, particularly with regards to designing buildings with high energy efficiency.