Casa Marche

The “casa Marche” project was born from the idea of ​​creating a dynamic, fluid space in which it is possible to manage different situations, events and needs.

The space, about 300 square meters on two floors, has been divided into two main functions: fashion on the ground floor and food on the first floor.

At the center of the ground floor there is a multifunctional cube that internally serves as a storage room and services, and externally serves as a display, counter and furnishing element.

The same cube is taken up on the first floor to create a totally steel kitchen for show cooking, food preparation and wine tasting.

A 4-meter wooden counter defines the space on the upper floor dividing the exhibition area and the kitchen area.

The two floors are then connected by a red self-supporting spiral stairs, which characterizes the whole space. The stair is the main architectural sign. The staircase has been positioned so as to be visible externally from all windows

and then creating that sense of curiosity that invites  to enter the environment.

Finally, for the display of products, we opted for wooden modular elements, a 40x40x40 cube that can be stacked in various ways and configurations, depending on the object to be exhibited, or

it can be used as a seat or as a light source. It is therefore possible to create islands of cubes or walls in a flexible and dynamic way.

Regarding lighting, an illuminating body has been chosen that is a symbol of Italian design: the Tolomeo lamp, used both on the wall, on the ceiling and on the ground, is a must for Italian design.

It guarantees extreme flexibility.

A minimal and contemporary design but with a strong tendency to flexibility and dynamism of spaces in order to make them changeable according to needs and events.


Changsha, Hunan, Cina