Italian Golden Town

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The Italian Golden Town is a large commercial, tourist and recreational complex which FIMA designed from the initial concept to the final project for the Chinese Shandong Gold Group. For the Italian Golden Town the cornerstone and inspiration of FIMA’s project is the Yaun Bao, the equivalent of the gold bar, once used in China as a currency and now a well-deserving symbol of prosperity. The shape of Yaun Bao, so familiar and recurring in Chinese culture, has inspired the general concept of the project and in particular the shape of the main building, the Golden Center, a shopping mall of 35 miles square metres that will host goldsmiths’ laboratories and shop totally dedicated to gold and jewels, with space for entertainment, restaurants and clubs. The remaining complex is characterized by an “Italian style” city with shops, bars and restaurants. The towers are thought for offices and part for residences. A children’s center and a hotel complete the large complex.


Zibo, Shandong, China


2017_Under construction