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The Grimani-Buttari complex is one of the most important and cutting-edge residence for the elderly. Fima has supervised the restoration of the main bodies, the design of new residences and the Sensory Garden for Alzheimer’s patients: one of the first examples in Italy recognized nationally. The SENSORY GARDEN is used as a prosthetic environment, i.e for the treatment of people suffering of senile dementia and in particular for patients suffering of Alzheimer’s disease. For almost half a century, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the use of appropriately organized outdoor spaces in order to facilitate psycho-physical recovery and the maintenance of the residual capacity of the patients has been studied (garden therapy, horticultural therapy) by the scientific community, thus attributing beneficial effects on patients through this space and considering them a therapy to support traditional medical care.

Nowdays, in Italy, these studies are in its infancy and few facilities have been equipped with suitable routes to host this type of therapy.

The Alzheimer Garden was born from the need to create a space that takes into account the different motor skills and the different spatial perception that an elderly demented possesses, involving him in various activities in order to stimulate residual capacities, remote memory, reduce behavioral problems and manage wanderlust.


Osimo, (AN), Italy