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The Grimani-Buttari complex is one of the most important and cutting-edge residence for the elderly. Fima oversaw the restoration of the main bodies and designed the new extensions and the Sensory Garden for Alzheimer’s patients: one of the first examples in Italy recognized nationally. The complex is a high-level RSA recognized nationally for the quality of both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the design of these spaces FIMA has always put the person at the center in order to create an architecture suitable for the elderly. Space has been designed and built for non self-sufficient elderly people and self-sufficient elderly people, the latter are housed in a residential hotel-like structure, intended to give hospitality to self-sufficient elderly people who, by their choice, prefer to use collective services; for senility, loneliness, or personal reasons, requiring guarantees of protection throughout the day and community style services.


Osimo (AN), Italy